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What is RetweetBird ?


RetweetBird is the social sharing platform which use crowdsourcing to get more retweets, Facebook Likes and Google+ votes to your submitted post by allowing other members to promote your content using the credits you alloted.

Twitter, Facebook and Google+are the best social platform to drive traffic and RetweetBird combine all these 3 platform to generate real targeted social buzz and drive traffic to your blog.

We do not force anyone to follow or retweet any content nor we send any auto tweets.

Why Use RetweetBird ?


  • Getting Started is Fast, Easy & Free
  • Get more social signals, exposure and traffic to your content by getting more retweets, likes and google+ votes from real established influential bloggers.
  • Active Promoter and Active Submitter will surely gain more followers.
  • We moderate it without using any spam bot, so don’t care for quality, we will make sure it is of high quality
  • Build relationship with other bloggers by sharing their content with your followers

How Does It Works ?


At 1st Go to RetweetBird.com and Sign In with your Twitter Account. Start earning credits by retweeting, liking and giving Google+ votes from submitted posts which are submitted by others. When you have earned enough credits then submit your project into retweetbird and allow others members to promote your content.

Below are the steps to follow :

  1. Go to RetweetBird.com and Sign In using your Twitter Profile and get 100 credits instantly.
  2. Activity Summary will allow you to see at glance how many retweets, facebook likes and Google+ votes you got and how your credits have been spent.
  3. Go to Dashboard and start sharing other members content and earn credits.
  4. Submit Your Content and allot credits by clicking on Submit Tweet Tab.

How Do I Request Retweets ?


Follow below steps to get more retweets :

  1. Log In to your RetweetBird account using your twitter profile.
  2. Click on Submit Tweet tab from menu.
  3. Type your Tweet, your tweet should contain one link to your content.
  4. Choose how many credits you will offer per retweet, like and +1 for user who share. (The More Credits You Offer More Social Share You Will Get)
  5. Choose how many times you want your tweet to get promoted.
  6. Pick an appropriate category before submitting your tweet

Why Are My Tweets Get Moderated ?


When you Sign Up to RetweetBird your account status is set to Moderated. This means that before your submitted tweet will not go live to the dashboard of other user until it get reviewed by one of our moderator. If your tweet get approved your account will be set to Active and your future tweets will get live instantly after you submit.

Read our Content Guidelines, before submitting your first Tweet to ensure that it get approved.

What Types Of Content Can I Promote ?


RetweetBird is primarily created for bloggers and marketers to promote their blog post but in future it might expand to some more niches. However we do not allow anything overly promotional, low quality content or irrelevant to be submitted which includes :

  • Direct Affiliate Links
  • Direct HomePage Links
  • Press Release
  • Ad Stuffed Pages
  • Any Spam Content or Low Quality Content
  • Any Sales Page or Squeeze Page
  • Ecommerce Pages

Link must be relevant to Categories that RetweetBird Supports. Local links will not be supported at all by majority of our members.

If you post any of the above content repeatedly it will flagged as invalid and after 5 invalid flagged your account will be suspended by RetweetBird.

What Categories RetweetBird Supports ?


RetweetBird is primarily targeting Business, Blogging and Marketing bloggers and will only accept tweets which are relevant to this categories.

Here is the list of those categories which we do not allow here :

  • Dating & Relationships
  • Health & Beauty
  • Diet & Fitness
  • Pets & Animals
  • Insurance and PayDay Loans
  • Travels and Music
  • Celebrities

What Rules Are There For Promoting Retweets ?


Deleting and modifying tweets after submitting is strictly prohibited.Repeated activity will result in account suspension so beware of it.

What Rules Are There For Promoting Retweets ?


  • You can only Submit Maximum of 3 post per day
  • All the tweets must contain a URL
  • Same URL can not be submitted more than once in 24 hours

How Do I Get Most Out Of RetweetBird ?


  1. The number of users you put in Retweet request, only twitter users with that many followers will see it. Keep testing this value and find which works best for you. Sometimes Twitter users with lower numbers of followers can have plenty of influencers.
  2. Share only best quality content on RetweetBIrd. Remember you will get retweets, likes and votes from real member and they will not share if your content is of low quality.
  3. Share other people content, it is one of the best way to build relationship among others.
  4. Visit link before sharing it as to make sure it is relevant to your niche.
  5. If you like content don’t forget to leave comment on blog post as well as the owner will see it next time, he or she will most likely to give same thing in return.
  6. Use HashTags for increasing your reach on Twitter.

Can I Use Multiple Twitter Accounts With RetweetBird ?


Yes you can Sign Up with multiple twitter accounts on RetweetBird. However you have to follow some instruction before signing up.

  • You can share same link within 24 hours from different accounts
  • Each Twitter account must have different avatar.
  • You can not share the same tweet with different account within 24 hour

Not following this instructions will lead you to account suspension.

What Are The Benefits Of Becoming A Featured Member ?


Our Featured Member will get more exposure to their twitter profiles and tweets in various way.

  1. Featured Member Twitter Profile will be shown in prime areas on the site which will lead them to get more followers.
  2. Any tweets submitted by Featured Member will be highlighted to distinguish their tweets from all others.
  3. Featured Member tweet will keep rotating to the 1st position to others to ensure it get most social shares.

Sign In to RetweetBird and head over to Buy Credits section to check out what credit package we offers.

If you have any Question Feel Free to Contact Us! or Tweet us @RetweetBird5

NB : RetweetBird is not affiliated or partnered with Twitter for any kind of its services.

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